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Help Inspire the Future of Spring Mountain Road

A Visionary Redevelopment Plan
Co-Created with the Community


Initiated by Clark County, The Spring Mountain Corridor Redevelopment Plan aims to create a foundation and a vision for this iconic neighborhood in the heart of Las Vegas. Centered on placemaking and placekeeping, this plan is dedicated to creating a thriving, culturally authentic, and dynamic community for residents, families, and small businesses and position the Spring Mountain Corridor as a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike, with a focus on unique dining experiences, cultural attractions, and vibrant street life.


You – the community – are the co-creator of this plan.


Your involvement and feedback are crucial in this planning process. Join us on this remarkable journey as we work together to create a brighter, more vibrant neighborhood that honors and celebrates the existing excitement of the area while setting the foundation for its future. Together, we can build a community that thrives and inspires for generations to come.


Welcome to the future of Spring Mountain, a dynamic cultural district in the heart of Las Vegas!

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